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Posted 13th October, 2016 under Employment Law by

Is it discriminatory to pay men and women differently during periods of shared parental leave? That was the question before the Tribunal in Snell v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd ETS/4100178/2016. In this case Mr Snell argued that his employer’s family friendly policy amounted to sex discrimination, as it provided for enhanced parental pay for mothers… Read more »

Posted 10th October, 2016 under Wills, Trusts and Probate by

In an increasingly digital age, there are more and more digital assets – online bank accounts, social networking profiles and online shopping and payment services. In the event of your death it is important to make sure these assets are accounted for, otherwise your loved ones could face problems or stress when attempting to access… Read more »

Posted 23rd September, 2016 under Miscellaneous by

So you’ve come home and there’s a letter in a brown envelope stating your vehicle has been seen committing an offence, usually speeding. The police want to know who was driving, or inform you that they intend to prosecute – what next? Things you should know.. Generally, the letter will either be a ‘Notice of… Read more »

Posted 16th September, 2016 under Employment Law by

In Kratzer v R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the Equal Treatment Directive does not apply to job applicants who are purely seeking compensation. It will only apply where the applicant is also seeking recruitment and employment. Mr Kratzer had applied for a role as a graduate… Read more »

Posted 15th September, 2016 under Family Law by

When applying for a UK divorce, the applicant must give one of five pre-specified reasons for the divorce. Referred to by the court as ‘facts’, these are given by the person starting divorce proceedings, who is known as the petitioner, when filling out what is known as a divorce petition form. These facts are adultery, unreasonable… Read more »

Posted 30th June, 2016 under Miscellaneous by

Beecham Peacock are pleased to announce our success in the Northern Law Awards 2016, where our Senior Partner, Kirsten Scott received the Outstanding Achievement Award for her expertise in dealing with personal injury claims. The awards ceremony, held on Thursday 23rd June also recognised Beecham Peacock as leaders in the Family Law, Crime, Personal Injury,… Read more »

Posted 28th June, 2016 under Employment Law by

Employment Tribunal fees were introduced on 29 July 2013. It was intended that fees would: Transfer the cost of litigation away from the tax payer and to those who can afford to pay Encourage alternative forms of dispute resolution Maintain access to justice But what is the real impact of their introduction? The most notable… Read more »

Posted 15th June, 2016 under Personal Injury by

In his 2015 autumn statement George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, proposed the removal of ‘general damages’ for minor whiplash injuries, claiming the change will reduce insurance premiums by as much as £50 per policy.  Instead of being awarded cash compensation for the injury, pain and suffering caused, victims will make a claim based on… Read more »

Posted 25th May, 2016 under Personal Injury by

In the months following a personal injury, particularly when involved in a claim, it can be very beneficial to keep a ‘pain diary’, which keeps track of the pain endured by someone or the limitations on their daily activities. Obviously, you need to evidence of liability in a personal injury claim, but you’ll also need… Read more »

Posted 23rd May, 2016 under Employment Law by

On 4 May 2016 the controversial Trade Union Bill received Royal Assent and became the Trade Union Act, 2016. It is not yet known when it will come into effect. But what does this mean for Union’s and their members? The main provisions of the act are: That at least a 50% turnout of those… Read more »

Posted 20th May, 2016 under Criminal Law, Personal Injury by

Social networks have recently seen an influx of individuals heading online to share photos and experiences with friends and family, but many don’t often realise that just because your account is set to private, it doesn’t mean other people can’t see the content you post, particularly insurance companies and the lawyers they instruct. Research has… Read more »

Posted 13th May, 2016 under Miscellaneous by

Beecham Peacock is proud to be supporting Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week, and with it #HatsforHeadway which is taking place today, on Friday 13th May. Brain Injury Week is well underway, running until Sunday 15th May 2016, with the aim to raise awareness for brain injuries in sport with a ‘Be #ConcussionAware’ mantra. The… Read more »