Anna Hawksworth

Posted 06th December, 2014 by

Equal pay claims against local government and the NHS (large public sector employers) have dominated the headlines for a long time. The basis of these claims was that women who were doing like work to male colleagues were paid less. As the roles were similar, the only reason for the difference in pay appeared to… Read more »

Posted 25th December, 2013 by

Blacklisting is the practice of employers refusing to employ, dismissing or discriminating against those who are or who have been members of a Trade Union. Some employers, particularly in the construction industry, have been known to buy lists of names of Union members, and then make decisions about whether to employ a person based on… Read more »

Posted 07th December, 2013 by

The Equal Pay Act, 1970 came into force on 29 December 1975, following the strikes at Ford’s Dagenham site by machinists who were paid significantly less than their male colleagues for comparable work. In the Act the UK recognised and made a commitment to addressing pay inequality for women. The Act has since been replaced… Read more »

Posted 05th December, 2013 by

The government has recently announced proposals to extend the scope of parental leave. This will enable eligible mothers and their partners to share up to 52 weeks of leave to care for newborn children. Up the 39 weeks of parental leave will be paid, similar to the current maternity leave and pay provisions. Mothers will… Read more »