• Discrimination and Harassment

    There are various ways in which discrimination and harassment can arise in the workplace.

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The most direct form of workplace discrimination is where you are treated less favourably as a result of, for example, your gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation. Workplace discrimination can also be a result of your employer putting certain provisions in place that put you, or a group of employees, at a distinct disadvantage; this is commonly referred to as indirect discrimination.

Workplace harassment can relate to unwanted sexual advances from another employee; it can also refer to being subjected to threatening behaviour.

No matter what the nature of your issue is, workplace harassment and discrimination law is highly complex. It is important that you have specialist representation in order for you to make a successful discrimination and harassment claim should the need arise.

Beecham Peacock has a team of employment law specialists with a depth of experience and expertise in discrimination and harassment claims. If you would like more advice on the discrimination and harassment claims process, or would like our assistance or representation, then please contact our Newcastle office today on 0191 232 3048.

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