• Vibration White Finger

    Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), also known as Vibration White Finger, is a recognised condition which affects workers using vibratory, rotating or percussive/impact hand-held power tools. It affects the fingers, hands and arms, causing impaired blood circulation, damage to nerve supply.

At Beecham Peacock we have been helping victims of Vibration White Finger / Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome claim compensation for many years. We have the experience and expertise to help you and your family with your Vibration White Finger Compensation Claim.

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What is Vibration White Finger and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome?

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), also known as a Vibration White Finger (VWF), is a form of Raynaud’s syndrome that causes impaired blood circulation, damage to nerve supply and muscoskeletal damage. It is a recognised industrial disease and is most commonly found in workers using vibratory tools.

What causes HAV and VWF?

HAVS and VWF are industrial injuries found in workers exposed to vibratory, rotating or percussive hand guided power tools. Exposure to excessive vibration causes damage to the nerves, blood vessels and muscles of the hands, and can cause permanent damage, discomfort and impaired use of sufferer’s hands.

What are the symptoms of HAV and VWF?

Symptoms of HAV and VWF include; tingling and numbness in the fingers, loss or change of colour in the fingers, severe loss of grip and reduced dexterity. Symptoms of these conditions are often significantly worse in cold weather.

How can Beecham Peacock help?

Beecham Peacock are experienced personal injury solicitors and provide legal expertise claims made by sufferers of HAVS and VWF. Making a claim for compensation will not restore your health or undo the damage that has been done. However, securing financial compensation could ease the financial pressures that your injuries have caused you, by helping to cover loss of earnings and contributing to the cost of your medical care.

Why choose Beecham Peacock?

At Beecham Peacock we have extensive experience of helping people who suffer from HAVS and VWF. Our team of solicitors is dedicated to providing expert advice in all aspects of a claim and providing the guidance and support that you need to secure the compensation you deserve. As a result of the strong industrial presence within the North East, HAVS and VWF claims in the region are common. As a result, our team of solicitors have extensive experience of dealing with claims of this type.

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