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Posted 14th December, 2017 under Miscellaneous by

When it comes to road traffic accidents in Newcastle, you may be surprised to learn our humble region actually has the lowest rate of fatal driving accidents and as such, is the safest in the country. Despite danger spots like the Blue House Roundabout and Haddricks Mill being some of the most dangerous in the… Read more »

Posted 06th November, 2017 under Family Law by

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division highlighted, in a speech last week, his concern over the subordinate consideration given to the role of the family by Government bodies.   Despite having a multitude of Departments, now even including a Department for Exiting the European Union, our Government does not have a Department for… Read more »

Posted 16th October, 2017 under Employment Law by Sara Devennie

Sexual harassment is a topic currently receiving much media attention, but for many people it continues to be an unpleasant day to day occurrence at work. The Equality Act, 2010 protects people against being treated less favourably because of their gender. You are protected from discrimination at work from day one of your employment, but… Read more »

Posted 11th October, 2017 under Family Law by

The recent series of Dr Foster may have been criticised for being over the top but it did highlight the impact on children caught in the crossfire between two waring parents. The characters were so embroiled in their hatred of each other they failed to see the impact of their actions on their son until… Read more »

Posted 10th October, 2017 under Family Law by

Family courts are frequently presented with care proceedings where a child is deemed to be at risk because their parent has learning difficulties. It is considered that if a parent struggles to care for themselves, they struggle to care for a child. However, most of these cases are brought before the Court because of an… Read more »

Posted 28th July, 2017 under Employment Law by Sara Devennie

After a four year legal battle we can finally say goodbye and good riddance to Employment Tribunal fees, and welcome back to fair and improved access to justice. On 29 July 2013 the government introduced controversial Employment Tribunal fees which saw Claimants paying up to £1200 in order to bring a claim to enforce their… Read more »

Posted 19th July, 2017 under Health and Safety by

Why is asbestos still being found in the work place in the UK? We have made improvements since asbestos was heavily used in the building industry and shipyards. Thanks to research regulations are now in place to prevent workers from exposure to this deadly substance. Unfortunately Mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by asbestos exposure, is… Read more »

Posted 19th July, 2017 under Criminal Law by

As the glorious summer weather continues, interspersed with the odd thunder storm, the urge to go outside and soak up the sun becomes increasingly hard to avoid…. What could be more civilised than a cool beer in a sunny beer garden? Well, nothing.. as long as you’re not driving home.. Despite numerous campaigns, drink drive… Read more »

Posted 05th July, 2017 under Employment Law by Sara Devennie

The introduction of Shared Parental Leave in April 2015 was meant to create choice and to enable families to decide who takes time off to look after children that best suits their personal circumstances. The reality is that very little has changed in terms of who takes time off, with recent TUC analysis finding that… Read more »

Posted 22nd June, 2017 under Employment Law by Sara Devennie

The Summer is finally here and so is the sunshine…for now! With increasing temperatures comes an increasing number of questions about safe working conditions during periods of warm weather. One common myth is that if temperatures reach a certain point that employees have to be sent home. In fact, The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare)… Read more »

Posted 26th April, 2017 under Family Law by

A recent survey suggests that 3 in 5 people in Britain believe that Civil Partnerships should be open to all couples. At the moment same sex couples can get married or into Civil Partnerships but mixed sex couples can only get married.  There was a case at the Court of Appeal that rules that the… Read more »