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Posted 28th February, 2018 under Employment Law by Sara Devennie

The weather in the UK at the moment is causing severe disruption to many people’s daily lives. Here’s a few FAQs setting out what should happen in these circumstances: Q. If my child’s school is closed do I have to take unpaid leave? A. It depends what your contract of employment or relevant company policy… Read more »

Posted 21st February, 2018 under Family Law by

If you’re a victim of domestic violence or abuse, you’re not alone. Between March 2016 and 2017, an estimated 1.9 million adults aged between 15 and 59 experienced domestic abuse in the UK. Of these, women are more commonly victims – but many men are also affected. 1.2 million women experienced abuse compared to 713,000… Read more »

Posted 06th February, 2018 under Health and Safety by

Accidents at work account for over half a million non-fatal injuries per year. In fact, the actual figure is even greater – according to the Health and Safety Executive England, there were 609,000 injuries at work in the 2016/17 period. There were 31.2 million working days lost in the UK due to work-related illness and… Read more »

Posted 22nd January, 2018 under Health and Safety by

When you’ve been in a road traffic accident, the shock of the event can hinder your ability to think. A traumatic experience for everyone, road traffic accidents vary in severity but all are likely to destabilise your life and impact you on a personal level. Submitting a personal injury claim might be the last thing… Read more »

Posted 22nd January, 2018 under Health and Safety by

When it comes to road traffic accidents and submitting a car crash claim, whiplash is the most common personal injury claim in the UK.  Whiplash is claimed for in the UK at a rate that is more than twice the average of France, Spain and the Netherlands. At the peak of their ‘popularity,’ there were… Read more »

Posted 05th January, 2018 under Personal Injury by

Road crashes kill over 1.3 million people worldwide, each and every year – which equates to more than one death every 25 seconds. This number has risen in recent years, even despite improvements in road safety, which may be attributed to an increasing share of vulnerable road users including cyclists and pedestrians. Compared to the… Read more »

Posted 14th December, 2017 under Miscellaneous by

When it comes to road traffic accidents in Newcastle, you may be surprised to learn our humble region actually has the lowest rate of fatal driving accidents and as such, is the safest in the country. Despite danger spots like the Blue House Roundabout and Haddricks Mill being some of the most dangerous in the… Read more »

Posted 06th November, 2017 under Family Law by

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division highlighted, in a speech last week, his concern over the subordinate consideration given to the role of the family by Government bodies.   Despite having a multitude of Departments, now even including a Department for Exiting the European Union, our Government does not have a Department for… Read more »

Posted 16th October, 2017 under Employment Law by Sara Devennie

Sexual harassment is a topic currently receiving much media attention, but for many people it continues to be an unpleasant day to day occurrence at work. The Equality Act, 2010 protects people against being treated less favourably because of their gender. You are protected from discrimination at work from day one of your employment, but… Read more »

Posted 11th October, 2017 under Family Law by

The recent series of Dr Foster may have been criticised for being over the top but it did highlight the impact on children caught in the crossfire between two waring parents. The characters were so embroiled in their hatred of each other they failed to see the impact of their actions on their son until… Read more »

Posted 10th October, 2017 under Family Law by

Family courts are frequently presented with care proceedings where a child is deemed to be at risk because their parent has learning difficulties. It is considered that if a parent struggles to care for themselves, they struggle to care for a child. However, most of these cases are brought before the Court because of an… Read more »