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    Beecham Peacock HR offers employment law and HR support for a monthly fixed fee

    As an employer, particularly as a SME, it can be difficult to keep track of ever-changing employment legislation and it can be extremely costly if you get it wrong.

    Beecham Peacock are here to help with all of your Employment Law problems.

At Beecham Peacock HR, we can offer you HR guidance and expert employment law knowledge to keep you on the right track and also to assist you in developing employee relations within your business which will build a more motivated and dedicated workforce.

Our dedicated service offers employment law and HR advice package that is tailored to your business needs on a fixed fee annual subscription payable in equal monthly instalments. If you are a SME without an HR department, a manager or an HR professional, we can help you manage your HR and legal obligations.

Depending on the needs and size of your business, we will be able to tailor our services to include:-

– Support helpline – direct access to a member of our Employment Team by telephone or virtual meeting platforms including an out of hours service.

– Employment Audit – a comprehensive review of your employment contracts, policies and procedures to check that you are compliant with the law and advice on any improvements or changes you could make.

– Regular employment law updates and invites to our seminars and training sessions.


Beecham Peacock HR offers the legal support to ensure that you are compliant with employment law and the HR support to manage and grow your business.

Please contact a member of our Employment Law and HR team for more information or a quote

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