• Medical Negligence

    Medical negligence in simple terms is when the standard of care or treatment you receive falls below what is reasonably expected to be provided by the doctor or other medical professional treating you. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘clinical negligence’ or ‘medical malpractice’ and also as a ‘medical accident’. It applies to all health professionals such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, healthcare assistants and therapists working in both the NHS and private sectors.

Medical negligence can happen in many ways some of the most common are:

  • • Where the medical professional makes a wrong diagnosis which results in unnecessary suffering and pain for example, from unnecessary surgery or the side effects from unsuitable medication.

  • • Where the medical professional delays in making the correct diagnosis again resulting in unnecessary suffering and pain or in the case of cancer patients the disease has become more advanced and difficult to treat. In most serious cases of delayed diagnosis this can make the difference between survival and not.

  • • In Accident and Emergency Departments for example being sent home when you should have been in hospital being monitored or having emergency treatment.

  • • When the incorrect medication is given to you, for example the hospital pharmacist fills the prescription bottle with the wrong tablets.

  • • Where defective surgical or medical products are used in your treatment or they are used inappropriately by the medical professional treating you

  • • When you develop an infection or surgical complication due to poor standards of hygiene at a health care facility.

Here at Beecham Peacock, we have been helping people with their medical negligence claims for years. As a result, we have both the experience and expertise to help you no matter what form of medical malpractice you have been subjected to.

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