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    Problems within your family that result in legal action are often very worrying and very stressful. At such times, it is important to take advice from experienced family law solicitors.

    Beecham Peacock offer a complete legal service for you and your family.

Beecham Peacock has over 60 years knowledge and experience in family law, including domestic violence and child custody concerns. Recognised as one of the UK’s family law specialists, Beecham Peacock adopt an understanding approach to every case we work on.

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Will seeing a solicitor not be expensive? I may not qualify for legal aid.

Not necessarily. Assets in dispute such as the former matrimonial home and savings are disregarded in an assessment for legal aid eligibility, so people are sometimes surprised to learn that they qualify for legal aid. Even if you do not, we offer competitive rates and value for money.

Myself and my spouse / civil partner agree on matters. Do we still need a solicitor?

We will advise you on whether the agreement is fair and if it is not, we will help you renegotiate. If it is fair then we will complete legal formalities on your behalf by preparing documents to show what has been agreed. Without this, your ex could make further claims against you in the future. You will have peace of mind and certainty if you let us help you finalise the legal formalities.

What if my spouse/ civil partner will not agree to a divorce?

There are ways of obtaining a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership without the other side’s signature. Our expert family solicitors can advise you further if this is a problem in your case.

What about residence of the children and contact?

Each case is different. We will advise you on whether an application for a residence or contact order is appropriate in your case or whether more informal arrangements are sufficient.

My partner is violent towards me. He / she will kill me if I left or sought legal advice. What do I do?

We are very experienced in domestic violence matters. You can consult us in total confidence. We will tell you what your options are and if you wish, put you in touch with a worker from a local refuge who can offer confidential assistance. Your partner will not be told. We will advise on steps such as applying for an injunction or other court orders to ensure the safety of yourself and any children. When you are ready to take action, we will be fully behind you.

Charlotte Talbot is recommended and Sophia Yau-Rosher is ‘sensitive, responsive and efficient, and combines excellent legal judgement with sound advice’

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