• Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

    All employers must comply with legal disciplinary and grievance procedures as a minimum. They may also have additional set policies and procedures for grievance and disciplinary issues.

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All employers should comply with the ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures as a minimum in order to ensure fair treatment of employees. In addition, they may also have their own policies and procedures for grievance and disciplinary issues.

What are Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures?

Grievance procedures define the processes for dealing with an employee’s concerns, complaints or problems in the workplace. These usually begin when informal discussions between an employer and an employee have failed to reach an agreeable conclusion. Once the grievance procedure has commenced, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the grievances of the employee and, hopefully, come to a resolution.

Disciplinary procedures are laid out formally by an employer as steps to take should an employee perform unsatisfactorily in their job, for example by failing to meet the required performance or conduct standards. Before an employer takes formal disciplinary action against an employee, they must ensure that they are justified in doing so by going through a thorough investigative process. After this investigation , the employer can decide whether to initiate any disciplinary action; if so, they should ensure that the disciplinary procedure is followed. A fair disciplinary process should hopefully ensure that disciplinary sanctions are only issued where they are appropriate.

Legal Support for Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

Unfortunately, the process of grievance and disciplinary procedures does not always go to plan and can often result in an unfair situation for the employee. If you find yourself involved in a grievance or disciplinary procedure at your place of employment, our team of employment lawyers can advise you and support you through the process,. Based in Newcastle, our team of employment lawyers have many years of knowledge and experience in this area. As well as providing all the necessary advice and support to get through the grievance and/or disciplinary process, we can represent you if it should become necessary to take a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

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