• Industrial Deafness

    Exposure to loud noise at work can cause permanent damage to your hearing. It can also cause the unpleasant sensation of ringing or buzzing in the ears known as tinnitus. If you have worked in noisy conditions and are a victim of industrial deafness, you may be entitled to industrial deafness compensation.

At Beecham Peacock we have been helping victims of industrial deafness for many years and have the experience and expertise to help you and your family.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with noise induced hearing loss then contact us at our Newcastle office today on 0191 232 3048 or email enquire@beechampeacock.co.uk for help with your industrial deafness compensation claim.


What is Industrial Deafness?

Industrial deafness, also referred to as occupational deafness or noise induced hearing loss, is a permanent loss of hearing as a result of excessive noise in the work place. The term also refers to the unpleasant ringing sensation in the ear, known as Tinnitus.

How is Industrial Deafness caused?

Industrial deafness is most likely to occur to an individual employed in a workplace where exposure to constant loud noise is common. Industries in which individuals are at risk of industrial deafness include construction, engineering, factories, quarrying and the music industry. Call centre workers are also at risk of acoustic shock, caused by unexpected, loud noises heard via telephone headsets.

What are the symptoms of Industrial Deafness?

Loss of hearing is a natural part of the ageing process. However, working in an environment that is consistently loud, when noise levels are frequently above 80dB, can induce early deafness. Struggling to hear speech above background noise, struggling to hear the television or radio missing part or full sentences in conversations and a ringing, buzzing and hissing noise in your ears are all indicators that you may be suffering from industrial deafness.

How can Beecham Peacock help?

Under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations Act 2005, employers are legally required to take the necessary action to reduce noise levels where possible or provide adequate ear protection for workers. If your employer has failed to assess the risks to their employees hearing or they have failed to make necessary noise protection available to you, Beecham Peacock may be able to help you secure industrial deafness compensation.

Why choose Beecham Peacock?

The prevalence of heavy industry in the North East has resulted in an increasing amount of industrial deafness claims in the region. As a result, our solicitors are well-versed and have extensive experience of dealing with claims of this nature. We are leading specialists in personal injury law and our team of dedicated, expert solicitors can provide you with the advice and support to help you successfully obtain compensation for loss of hearing and tinnitus that has been sustained through the failure of your employer to protect your health and safety. The cost of privately purchased discrete hearing aids, and other equipment that will help to restore your quality of life can be recovered as part of your compensation.

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