Sexual harassment is a topic currently receiving much media attention, but for many people it continues to be an unpleasant day to day occurrence at work.

The Equality Act, 2010 protects people against being treated less favourably because of their gender. You are protected from discrimination at work from day one of your employment, but also during the recruitment process.

If you believe that you are being subjected to unpleasant comments or actions at work because of your gender, then you may wish to raise a grievance with your employer to try and address the unwanted treatment. You may also want to consider making a claim to the Employment Tribunal.

It is important to remember that it is no defence for a colleague or employer to say they did not intend to cause upset or offence. Often it will be argued that such conduct was banter or harmless flirting, but it is the impact on the complainant and the way they view the conduct that is key.

An Employment Tribunal is able to make a declaration that discrimination has taken place, recommendations to prevent future discrimination occurring and award financial compensation.

If you believe that you have been subjected to sexual harassment, or any other type of discriminatory treatment then our employment team can help. Here at Beecham Peacock we have a trusted relationship with some of the largest trade unions in the country to protect your working rights. For further information call us on 0191 232 3048 or email

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