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Family Law is an area of legal practice that deals with family relationships, family matters and domestic relations.  Solicitors who practice family law help their clients build a case, offer advice on legal matters, utilise collaborative law where appropriate and they also represent clients if cases go to court. If proceedings are brought to court,… Read more »

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When it comes to road traffic accidents in Newcastle, you may be surprised to learn our humble region actually has the lowest rate of fatal driving accidents and as such, is the safest in the country. Despite danger spots like the Blue House Roundabout and Haddricks Mill being some of the most dangerous in the… Read more »

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If you have reached an agreement with your employer to terminate your employment then you may be asked to sign a Settlement Agreement. This may arise in circumstances such as voluntary redundancy, early retirement or dismissal, but Settlement Agreements are also offered in relation to a range of other potential employment law claims. Settlement Agreements… Read more »

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So you’ve come home and there’s a letter in a brown envelope stating your vehicle has been seen committing an offence, usually speeding. The police want to know who was driving, or inform you that they intend to prosecute – what next? Things you should know.. Generally, the letter will either be a ‘Notice of… Read more »

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Beecham Peacock are pleased to announce our success in the Northern Law Awards 2016, where our Senior Partner, Kirsten Scott received the Outstanding Achievement Award for her expertise in dealing with personal injury claims. The awards ceremony, held on Thursday 23rd June also recognised Beecham Peacock as leaders in the Family Law, Crime, Personal Injury,… Read more »

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Beecham Peacock is proud to be supporting Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week, and with it #HatsforHeadway which is taking place today, on Friday 13th May. Brain Injury Week is well underway, running until Sunday 15th May 2016, with the aim to raise awareness for brain injuries in sport with a ‘Be #ConcussionAware’ mantra. The… Read more »

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3 Awards for Beecham Peacock We are pleased to announce that Beecham Peacock has received three awards in the ACQ Global Law Awards 2016: • UK Regional Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year • UK Regional Family Law Firm of the Year • UK Regional Employment Law Firm of the Year ACQ makes its… Read more »

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In an article published on March 14th, Telegraph crime correspondent Martin Evans highlighted the lack of clarity in laws surrounding incidents of children, some as old as 15, being left home alone. Parents who leave children alone for even short periods of time can be liable to prosecution for child neglect, should police deem the… Read more »

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It has always been the case that an employer could restrict the use of personal email or internet use whilst at work, and indeed many contracts contain a clause to this effect. However this week a European Court took this provision one step further and ruled that an employer can view private messages sent whilst… Read more »

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Christmas is a magical time of year often associated with family, a time where parent’s plans often revolve around making it as special and memorable for the children as possible as they eagerly wait for Santa to deliver their presents. However, for parents who are going through a separation or divorce, it can be a… Read more »

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Give your support to Beecham Peacocks Fearless Four as they dive from the sky in August to raise funds for Headway, a Charity working to improve the lives of people who have suffered a life changing brain injury. Headway’s mission is ‘To promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and… Read more »