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Posted 26th November, 2019 under Divorce, Family Law by Fiona Ryans

The phrase “conscious uncoupling” hit the spotlight in the aftermath of the breakup of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. It was used to describe a breakup or divorce that sought to avoid an acrimonious and contentious separation. Many family lawyers now see going to court to be completely unsuitable and outdated. Apart from incurring significant… Read more »

Posted 22nd May, 2019 under Employment Law by

With the sad news that the Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group Limited entered into Administration earlier this week, we wanted to share some useful guidance on how to recover some of the monies owed from an insolvent employer. Where your former employer becomes insolvent, you may be able to claim the following payments from the Redundancy… Read more »

Posted 10th April, 2019 under Divorce, Family Law by

It was announced on Tuesday that the government will be changing the laws surrounding divorce in England and Wales. It will be put into effect as soon as parliamentary time becomes available. The current law states that divorce can only proceed when a spouse claims their partner is at fault.   What does ‘at fault’… Read more »

Posted 10th April, 2019 under Personal Injury by

If you have suffered an injury that you believe is due to negligence from a third party, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation. Even if you’re unsure about who was at fault, it is still worth contacting a personal injury solicitor to investigate your team in-depth. Who Is Accountable… Read more »

Posted 10th April, 2019 under Personal Injury by

In our society, some people can feel that there is a stigma around making a personal injury claim. A lot of people can feel embarrassed to make a claim, even though a financial compensation is often what they are owed. This blog will discuss a bit about why there is a stigma around making personal… Read more »

Posted 14th February, 2019 under Wills, Trusts and Probate by

While it’s important to have a will, writing one is a process that many people find incredibly daunting. At Beecham Peacock, we can work with you to simplify the process and ensure that you have made adequate arrangements for your kin once you have passed. We can also help you to decide what to do… Read more »

Posted 22nd January, 2019 under Family Law by

Being a victim of domestic abuse is a terrifying and upsetting experience. It’s also far more common than you’d think, with 2 million people reporting that they’d been victims of domestic abuse in 2018 alone. While there are laws designed to protect you, many have called on the government to improve legislation and further protect… Read more »

Posted 20th December, 2018 under Employment Law by Sara Devennie

The government has just published proposals to change employment laws in its document named ‘The Good Work Plan’. The key proposals are as follows: A requirement that employers give employees a written statement of terms and conditions on the first day of work. Currently they must do so within two months. Extending the right to… Read more »

Posted 23rd November, 2018 under Personal Injury by

MR G  had a life threatening accident at work when he was called out to an emergency repair of a metro train which had broken down on the rails outside of Brockley Whinns Metro Station in Newcastle. He was instructed to climb onto the roof and cut through a pantograph. Unfortunately he was dragged off the roof… Read more »

Posted 23rd November, 2018 under Personal Injury by

There have been a number of recent media reports concerning the tragic cases of food allergy incidents and deaths, our sympathy and condolences go to the families and friends of Megan Lee, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse and Celia Marsh.  We hope that they can at least take some comfort in knowing the takeaway owners were prosecuted and… Read more »

Posted 08th November, 2018 under Personal Injury by

As the weather seems to be taking a turn a worse extra care is needed when driving in snow or ice.  It is not illegal as such to drive with snow on your car, but you could fall foul of the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act 1988 if you do. Rule 229 of… Read more »

Posted 08th November, 2018 under Personal Injury by

The Coroner Michael Oakley called for “better signage” along  the coastline in Staithes , N Yorkshire , after there had been 55,000 rock falls in just 2 years. Comment:- The amount of rock falls in just a 2 year period should have alerted the Council to the peril / hazard to visitors to the area…. Read more »