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In the UK, approximately 1 in 5 adults aged 16 years old or older have experienced domestic abuse after turning 16. That’s 10.4 million people. Domestic abuse is a huge problem in the UK, and can affect both men and women. The Government defines domestic abuse as ‘any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse… Read more »

Health and Safety, Personal Injury by Vicki Wanless

Latest figures from Cancer Research UK show that, while men account for most cases of mesothelioma, cases among women have risen by 93 per cent between 1993 and 2018 (compared with 47 per cent in men). ‘The proportion of women being diagnosed with mesothelioma has never been higher,’ says Dean Fennell, a professor of thoracic… Read more »

Personal Injury by Andy Carruthers

Beecham Peacock has successfully won compensation for their client, Eleanor Lincoln, who suffered from an anaphylactic shock after unknowingly ordering a curry containing peanuts. Whilst celebrating her 18th birthday, Ms Lincoln and her family bought a takeaway from Khan’s Restaurant on Heaton Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Ms Lincoln, a lifelong sufferer of a serious peanut allergy, specified… Read more »

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Having an accident at work can be a worrying time but we are here to help. We have a team of expert personal injury lawyers with years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases, and a long history of fighting on behalf of our clients and recovering compensation for them for almost 70 years since establishing… Read more »

Personal Injury by

547 people died in North Tyneside from Asbestos related cancer deaths within the last 4 decades between 1981 and 2019.  Hartlepool had 206 deaths and Sunderland had 156 deaths over the same period. There was 2,369 Mesothelioma deaths in Great Britain in total in 2019. The death toll emerged as MPs launched an inquiry into… Read more »

Employment Law by

A lasting legacy of lockdown has been the movement from the traditional workplace to increased home working. In some cases, workers may now be entirely home based but the more common situation has seen a mixture of home and office-based working often referred to as ‘hybrid’ or ‘agile’ working. For some employees, this will be… Read more »

Employment Law by Anna Harbinson

The Queen’s platinum jubilee is just around the corner. An additional bank holiday has been added to the calendar this year to mark the occasion, but will everyone be entitled to a day off? The starting point will be to consider what your contract states about bank holidays. If your holiday entitlement is ‘X’ days… Read more »

Employment Law by

Fire and rehire is back in the news after USDAW successfully obtained an injunction in the Hight Court to prevent a supermarket dismissing employees with ‘permanent’ or ‘guaranteed’ enhanced ring-fenced terms, and then rehiring them on the same terms, but with the ring-fenced element removed. This is a controversial area of employment law and one… Read more »

Employment Law by

If your employer wishes to terminate your employment they may ask you to consider signing a Settlement Agreement. This is common in cases of voluntary redundancy, early retirement or may be offered as an alternative to continuing with a disciplinary process. You may also wish to approach your employer to see if they would offer… Read more »

Employment Law by

It is refreshing to see that in our society there is now more acknowledgment of the impact that the menopause can have on those who experience it. But has employment law kept pace? Whilst the menopause is not a protected characteristic, it may give rise to discrimination claims for those who are impacted by it…. Read more »

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It feels as though employment legislation has been influenced by COVID for a long time, with furlough, hybrid working, changes to sick pay and mandatory vaccinations to name but a few of the recent employment law developments. But what about long COVID? Long COVID is in itself a developing concept. Increasingly we are hearing in… Read more »

Employment Law by Anna Harbinson

You may have seen stories in the press recently about the right to request flexible working. This right is nothing new and employees with 26 weeks continuous service have been able to request flexible working arrangements under Section 80F of the Employment Rights Act 1996 for many years. You can make one request in any… Read more »