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Posted 06th December, 2014 under Criminal Law by

Nick Hardwick, the chief inspector of prisons, will be stepping down from the post after refusing a request from the justice secretary to reapply for the job. Mr Hardwick has held the job since 2010, which is an independent position tasked with advising the Ministry of Justice on the state of UK prisons. His regular… Read more »

Posted 06th December, 2014 under Miscellaneous by

For anyone still fortunate enough to receive them this is often the time of year when bonuses are paid. But what if the person due to get the bonus has separated from their spouse but is not divorced? Unfortunately bonuses can be a source of problems for two main reasons in a situation like this…. Read more »

Posted 06th December, 2014 under Miscellaneous by

Equal pay claims against local government and the NHS (large public sector employers) have dominated the headlines for a long time. The basis of these claims was that women who were doing like work to male colleagues were paid less. As the roles were similar, the only reason for the difference in pay appeared to… Read more »

Posted 06th December, 2014 under Miscellaneous by

A Judicial Review Judgement handed down today in the Royal Courts of Justice has halted Government plans to increase legal costs for the victims of the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. This is an extremely aggressive disease usually affecting the pleura around the lungs, life expectancy after diagnosis is approximately nine months and the only known… Read more »

Posted 03rd December, 2014 under Miscellaneous by

You don’t need to be a lawyer to know that the festive period can have its highs and lows.  There are pressures to buy presents that are ‘the perfect gifts’ and pressures to have a ‘great time’. When the clock strikes midnight to mark the start of the new year, supposedly bringing with it a… Read more »

Posted 03rd December, 2014 under Miscellaneous by

Attending University can be an expensive time, especially with tuition fees rising – so are you getting what you’ve paid for? Information released by the BBC today indicates that student complaints and appeals have increased and that this may be directly linked to the rise in tuition fees.  With students and their families paying up… Read more »

Posted 02nd December, 2014 under Miscellaneous by

The economy may be looking a little healthier according to some, but many people are yet to feel the effect. Many of us have endured a period of reduced or stagnated income as businesses try to reduce their expenditure in order to survive this period of austerity. Against this background, it is not surprising that… Read more »

Posted 05th November, 2014 under Employment Law by

Overtime payments should be included in holiday pay following a landmark ruling, which could affect thousands of workers across the North East. The Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that, for workers who regularly receive additional payments like overtime, commission or bonuses, these must be included in the pay they receive when they take annual leave… Read more »

Posted 23rd October, 2014 under Employment Law by

Judges have ruled that a lorry driver who died of mesothelioma was entitled to compensation, even though he did not work directly with the asbestos that caused his illness. Percy McDonald collected waste products from Battersea Power Station between 1954 and 1958. Although he was not working directly with asbestos, he was exposed to the… Read more »

Posted 31st December, 2013 under Miscellaneous by

The Ministry of Justice’s refusal to raise the small claims court limit has been hailed as a victory for accident victims and for common sense. At the moment, victims who have a claim worth less than £1,000 cannot claim their solicitor’s fees from the person responsible for the accident. Insurance companies have long been lobbying… Read more »

Posted 28th December, 2013 under Miscellaneous by

Every year, the treasury claims tens of millions of pounds from people who die without making a will. Yet despite the fact that most of us would prefer to choose who gets what on the event of our death, still only one in three of us has made a will. So what is it about… Read more »

Posted 27th December, 2013 under Miscellaneous by

Motoring offences and road traffic law can be a minefield. The range of offences is vast, from stopping on a pelican crossing to dangerous driving. Even minor road traffic offences can cause a motorist serious difficulties – particularly if the points start to stack up. For many people facing an endorsement on their licence the… Read more »