Children born between 1 September 2010 and 31 August 2011 may start school in September 2015. Children must be in full time education once they reach statutory school age. This starts from the term after the child’s fifth birthday.

By noon on 15th January 2015 all applications for children starting school in September 2015 need to have been received by your local authority.

Once you have a school place you can apply to defer the starting date for your child if their 5th birthday is later in the year.

All parents and carers need to apply for a place in the preferred school – even if an older sibling already attends, or your child attends the nursery attached – there is no automatic transfer from the nursery.

So don’t delay – the deadline is fast approaching! If no application is made, no place will be offered.

For advice on applying for a school place, or in relation to any other Education Law matter contact our specialist Education Law Solicitors at Beecham Peacock LLP on 0191 2323048.

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