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Posted 06th December, 2013 under Miscellaneous by

Being arrested and taken into police custody can be a terrifying experience. It invariably happens without warning and the deprivation of your liberty is something that is incomprehensible until it happens to you.  Criminal law is, in many ways, indiscriminate. During the initial stages of arrest and detention, you will be given your rights and… Read more »

Posted 06th December, 2013 under Miscellaneous by

Following the conclusion of any proceedings the perennial problem of property always seems to raise its head. If you have been taken into custody, the police may have taken personal items from you when you reached the police station; also, items may have been seized from your house or some other building. If the police… Read more »

Posted 05th December, 2013 under Miscellaneous by

The government has recently announced proposals to extend the scope of parental leave. This will enable eligible mothers and their partners to share up to 52 weeks of leave to care for newborn children. Up the 39 weeks of parental leave will be paid, similar to the current maternity leave and pay provisions. Mothers will… Read more »

Posted 03rd December, 2013 under Miscellaneous by

In the recent case of Tufail v Riaz (2013) EWCH 1829 (Fam) Mr Justice Holman, High Court Judge, has highlighted the effect of legal aid cuts on the legal system and the impact on the family court. The case concerned a contested divorce. The wife who was the Petitioner in the case was residing in… Read more »