In our society, some people can feel that there is a stigma around making a personal injury claim. A lot of people can feel embarrassed to make a claim, even though a financial compensation is often what they are owed. This blog will discuss a bit about why there is a stigma around making personal injury claims and why it needs to end.


I’m too embarrassed to make a personal injury claim

One of the biggest reasons people will refuse to make a personal injury claim is embarrassment. If the claim is for injuries sustained by a trip or a fall, it could be that the person feels silly and that people will think they are clumsy or ditsy because they fell over. However, just because you fell over, it doesn’t mean it was your fault. This fall could have been due to an unsafe work environment or a hazardous public area. In these cases, it is the fault of the employer, or potentially the local council, so you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or silly about falling.


Will people think I’m greedy for making a personal injury claim?

A lot of people don’t like to make personal injury claims because they feel like they will be viewed as greedy or taking advantage of a situation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have sustained an injury, it’s possible you have also taken a hit financially. It’s possible that you will have missed work from your injury and had to take unpaid sick leave, leaving you out of pocket. Another possibility is that you have had to purchase or install accessibility accessories in your home such as ramps or handles which have a significant cost. Anything you have had to pay for which you wouldn’t have if not for the injury, you technically are owed back in return.


I don’t want to be judged for making a financial claim

A personal injury claim shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment however some people feel that they will be judged by others. This is a common idea held by people about to make a claim and the most important thing to remember is that this is money you are entitled to. It shouldn’t matter what anyone else has to say on the matter. A good personal injury solicitor like Beecham Peacock have a team of experts ready to hear your case with no judgement. They are totally impartial and will hear your story and inform you of your options going forward, like potentially making a claim.


Will I be taking money away from my employer?

If your personal injury claim is due to an injury or illness sustained at a workplace, your personal injury claim will be against your employer or place of work. Many people feel positively towards their employer and feel that a personal injury claim is taking money away from them, and there will consequently be bad feelings between you and them. Your employer should legally be insured against these things. In this case, it’s really the insurance company who would be paying out for your claim and not your employer. It’s important to keep in mind that if your solicitor decides that you need financial compensation, it is absolutely money you deserve.


Why should you speak to a solicitor?

If you think you’ve sustained an injury or developed an illness/condition that wasn’t your fault, it’s important that you speak to a solicitor. They can advise you how to go about speaking to your employers in an appropriate manner. A solicitor would be able to help you navigate a personal injury claim to make sure you get back any financial compensation you deserve.


What can Beecham Peacock do to help?

Beecham Peacock have a team of expert personal injury lawyers with years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases. Beecham Peacock can provide a no obligation confidential meeting with one of our expert team to hear about your situation and run through the choices of action you have. The team are all very experienced in personal injury cases and can handle them with tact and discretion, in a friendly environment with no sense of judgement.


What’s the next step?

If you want to make a personal injury claim you should see a solicitor to discuss your options. If you’re short on space time or your injury makes mobility an issue, Beecham Peacock have an online enquiry system where you can briefly outline your issue and someone will get back to you with more information and to potentially make an appointment to see a lawyer.


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