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Beecham Peacock is proud to be supporting Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week which runs from the 9th-15th May 2016. The week long campaign has been running for several years, with the aim to raise awareness for brain injuries and reduce the incidence of their occurrence. Headway, a UK wide charity working to improve life… Read more »

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When a relationship breaks down it can difficult to take stock and know how best to help yourself and your children deal with what is inevitably a difficult experience. A Family Consultant can help you either individually or together as a couple, guiding you on the personal, emotional and practical issues surrounding these new circumstances…. Read more »

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This week is ‘Brain Awareness Week’, a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Launched by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (, the campaign encompasses open houses at neuroscience labs, displays at libraries and community centres, classroom workshops and more. Here in Newcastle, the two main events… Read more »

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A Judgment at Newcastle County Court will help many people suffering from the painful hand condition Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. David Reid had to sue his former Employer, Dane Architectural Services to get compensation.  The injury to his hands has been caused by using vibrating tools at work for many years.  His Employer had admitted that… Read more »

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A former security guard who was hit by a car has won compensation for her injuries with the help of Beecham Peacock. Elisabeth Donaldson, who worked at Tesco in Gateshead, was accompanying her husband to a hospital appointment at the RVI in Newcastle when the accident happened. They were walking back to their car, which… Read more »

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A tug master who permanently injured his arm after falling down slippery stairs has won £15,500.00 compensation from his employer. He was on board a ship when he fell down the stairs, which had not been fitted with anti-slip treads as they should have been. He had previously warned his employer that the stairs were… Read more »

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Alan Reed developed Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) also known as Vibration White Finger, after working at Wansbeck District Council for nearly 40 years. He was using heavy electrical and pneumatic vibrating tools on a daily basis during his employment with the council and, later, with Bernica Group Limited. In around 2010, about two years… Read more »