A factory worker who injured his back following an accident at work has won compensation with the help of Beecham Peacock.

Keith Charlton, who works at Karrow Food Limited, was working in a very confined space and had to lift a pallet off the ground. As he did so, he felt a sharp pain in his back, causing him to collapse to the ground.

Mr Charlton had to take six weeks off work, returning only on light duties, as well as undergoing physiotherapy. http://www.beechampeacock.co.uk/factory-worker-wins-compensation/ http://www.beechampeacock.co.uk/factory-worker-wins-compensation/He has now made a good recovery from his injury.

Mr Charlton said: “I can’t praise the staff at Beecham Peacock enough. The service I had was excellent, and everything happened a lot quicker than I thought it would.

“I’m really pleased with how everything was handled.”

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