When a relationship breaks down it can difficult to take stock and know how best to help yourself and your children deal with what is inevitably a difficult experience.

A Family Consultant can help you either individually or together as a couple, guiding you on the personal, emotional and practical issues surrounding these new circumstances.

They can also help when issues arise regarding children and the separate parenting which will inevitably follow. They work in a range of practical ways and can help provide reassurance and support at a difficult time.

Family Consultants can also provide links to other professionals who can give more specific advice and longer term support, if required.

Information can be given on what may help children most, how to handle the new situations that everyone is dealing with and how to form a co-operative parenting relationship for the future.  This can all help build confidence and the faster that happens, the quicker you can build your new family relationship in a way which  benefits all concerned and particularly children.

Family Consultants can provide a short term guidance and support through a family transition.  Support can be provided face to face or over the telephone or in any combination of ways based on individual or family needs.

If you feel this is something you or your family might benefit from please contact one of the members of our family team who will be able to provide further information and put you in touch with a Family Consultant

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