Attending University can be an expensive time, especially with tuition fees rising – so are you getting what you’ve paid for?

Information released by the BBC today indicates that student complaints and appeals have increased and that this may be directly linked to the rise in tuition fees.  With students and their families paying up to £9,000 per year for fees alone, it’s no wonder that students now see themselves in a ’consumer role’ determined to make sure they are receiving the education they have paid for, and seeking compensation when they don’t.

Every University will have a Complaints Procedure – and being familiar with this before starting a course should be a priority, as well as acquainting yourself with the local nightlife of course!

Ask yourself this – would you pay £9,000 for a service and say nothing if it did not deliver what it promised?  Of course, students must work for their results, but they are paying for an education, a service and have the right to speak up if the University is not delivering.

As soon as there is a problem, raise it, there’s every chance that if you highlight the issue early enough, it can be addressed.  Whilst complaints and appeals invariably relate to results, there may be a problem with the course structure or content and clearly that should be addressed without delay.

 Enjoy your University days but remember the time and money invested in them.

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