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Private Client Solicitor with no less than 5 years post qualification experience in Wills Trust and Probate. STEP qualification would be an advantage as would an existing referrer network. Competitive salary. http://www.beechampeacock.co.uk/private-client-solicitor/ http://www.beechampeacock.co.uk/private-client-solicitor/To apply please submit your current CV and covering letter to Mark Laverick via email to mflaverick@beechampeacock.co.uk. NO AGENCIES please. Closing date 31st… Read more »

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Susan was enjoying a hotel spa break with her husband to celebrate her birthday when she slipped on wet stairs. She was taken by ambulance to hospital, where she had to have an operation, and was discharged after three weeks. The problems with her ankle continued, although she is now making a good recovery. Although… Read more »

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A bus driver who was injured by a faulty door on the bus he was driving has won compensation with the help of Beecham Peacock. David Bell, who worked as a driver for Stagecoach, injured his shoulder during the accident on 2 December 2010. He was about to start his shift when he noticed that… Read more »

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The government is continuing its controversial reform programme of raising extra income through higher court fees despite strong criticism. Recent changes have resulted in increases of up to 600% in certain court fees as part of the Ministry of Justice’s plans to raise £120 million in extra income. The recent changes affect commercial court fees…. Read more »

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Hannah Weller, wife of the musician Paul Weller, is campaigning to criminalise the publication of unpixelated photos of children without parental consent. Her organisation, Protect: The Campaign for Children’s Privacy, seeks to change the law so that photographers and journalists would not be able to harass and photograph children involved in any news story and… Read more »

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This week we are on site in several workplaces as part of USDAW’s Membership Week supporting the many events aimed at boosting Union Membership. Whilst we’re spreading the word about the benefits of being part of USDAW, we will also be providing legal advice to members.  It promises to be an exciting week with a… Read more »

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On Friday 16th January the government announced several changes to insolvency procedures. Perhaps the most notable, certainly for individuals, is a significant increase in the level of debt required before a creditor can apply to the Court for a person to be made bankrupt. Since 1986 a creditor could only petition for a debtor to… Read more »

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No sooner was the festive season out of the way than we were encouraged by various charities to give up alcohol for January in the ‘Dryathlon’ and ‘Janopause’. Many congratulations to those that saw it through to the end, but as we start February, give alcohol and whether or not you intend to drive some… Read more »

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MILLIONS more delayed air passengers will be able to claim compensation following another landmark ruling at the Court of Appeal. Until recently, airlines could avoid paying out if the problem that caused the delay could be classed as an “extraordinary circumstance,” and therefore outside their control. This often included technical defects in planes, which experts… Read more »

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What is a Duty Solicitor? Over the years, I’ve heard a number of confusing and downright wrong definitions from clients and even police officers …. The most common is that they are in some way affiliated with the police and/or the government and therefore not truly independent. Wrong. A Duty Solicitor is a qualified solicitor… Read more »

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A BUDDING Basketball star who was permanently injured after being run over by a council lorry has won a payout with the help of her Union and solicitors. The Claimant was in the middle of taking her GCSE’s when she was hit by a council lorry outside her school in May 2009. She suffered permanent… Read more »

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Employers who fail to pay their workers the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will face a fine of £20,000 in comparison to the previous fine of £5,000. This new limit is expected to come into force in February 2014. There is also talk of the government introducing legislation so that the maximum £20,000 penalty can apply… Read more »