A former Go North East bus driver who injured her back when driving a bus with faulty suspension has won compensation.

Natalie Graham has had to work in admin roles following her shift on 13 January 2013, which is when she suffered the injury to her back.

Not long after her shift had started, Natalie became aware that the suspension on the bus was not working. As she drove, the bus was bouncing hard, causing pain to Natalie’s back. She made a call to the control centre and explained the problem. She was simply told to switch the bus off and on again, which she had already tried doing twice. She was unable to reach the control centre after that, despite further attempts, and so she felt she had no choice but to finish her shift. The bus was then examined and found to be faulty.

As a result of the injury to her back, Nathalie had to take two weeks off work, and has been unable to return to her driving role. http://www.beechampeacock.co.uk/injured-bus-driver-wins-compensation/ http://www.beechampeacock.co.uk/injured-bus-driver-wins-compensation/Despite a course of physiotherapy, she still gets pain in her back, and will have to undergo further treatment.

After being put in touch with Beecham Peacock by her trade union, Unite, Natalie was able to secure compensation from her former employer.

Natalie said: “It’s very frustrating because I really enjoyed my work as a bus driver and I would love to go back to it. I am hoping that my back will get better soon.

“I’m pleased that my claim has been settled, and I am grateful for the support I have received from Beecham Peacock.”

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