Alan Jordan suffered a back injury whilst unloading a defective industrial dryer in the Sanofi factory where he worked.

The automatic loading and unloading mechanism on the dryer had been broken for about two years prior to Alan’s accident, which meant that he was having to handle the bowl manually. Despite workers making complaints, bosses at the factory had failed to fix the machine. On this occasion the bowl stuck fast as Alan was trying to remove it, causing him to badly jar his back.

Following the accident, Alan had to take nearly three months off work to recover from his injury. He still suffers with some pain, and sadly he has had to give up his hobbies of jogging and football. Beecham Peacock solicitors were able to secure compensation on his behalf.

Now that his case is concluded, Alan is thinking about his future career, and is even considering going back to college to learn some new skills.

Alan said: “The service I have had from Beecham Peacock has been great from start to finish. I had any questions about my case, there was always someone on the other end of the phone. Everyone was really helpful.

“I’m just so pleased that my case has been settled and I can start looking forward to the future.”

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