A bus driver who injured her hand while setting up a disabled ramp for a passenger has won compensation from her employer.

Mandy Field was driving her Stagecoach bus in Newcastle on 11 July 2013. At a bus stop, she set up the disabled ramp so that a passenger was able to board the bus. However, the handle of the ramp was too long for the bus, which caused the cord to spring back towards Mandy, striking her on her left hand. After her accident the cord was examined, found to be unsuitable, and immediately removed. Mandy was unable to drive her bus, and had to take nearly two months off work. She has been told she will probably suffer from extra sensitivity to the cold in her left hand for the rest of her life.

She said: “I could not begin to say how great the service I got through Beecham Peacock was. The solicitor I dealt with was so nice and empathetic. I just let her get on with it and she got the job done, she was fantastic.

“I am really grateful for the help I received.”

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