Its that time of year again … when Newcastle welcomes a new batch of students from across the globe.

For some of you, this is the first chance to spread your wings and taste independence; at time for finding new friends and having huge amounts of fun and frivolity. This historic city welcomes you all.

I am aware that most of the Universities will have some form of ‘student ambassadors’ during Freshers Week, to make sure you all stay safe, but in case you have a little ‘mishap’, here is some advice – and while it may seem tongue in cheek, these are all comments I have heard over the last 20 years.

  1. Please bear in mind that Northumbria Police have a difficult job to do – if your friend is being arrested, stand back. They are not interested in his/her charitable qualities and it won’t prevent an arrest – in fact, you may get arrested for obstructing a PC in the execution of their duty, but at least you’ll go with your friend to the police station..
  2. Really THINK before getting involved in someone else’s fight, even if it is for your friend’s benefit. Although Newcastle is now served very well by CCTV, there can be a very fine line between self defence or defence of another and retaliation.
  3. If you find yourself being arrested, struggling and fighting will not help. There’s a lot more of them than you. You won’t win this one. As unfair as it may seem at the time, it will have to be addressed at the police station. If you have been compliant, the Custody Officer is more likely to listen to you.
  4. If you have been partaking of alcoholic drinks and don’t think you’re drunk, you probably are.
  5. The police are not interested in:
    (a) The fact your mum knows the Chief Constable
    (b) Your father owns part of Amazon
    (c) Your (insert family member here) is a Judge
    (d) You know a really good solicitor and you will sue them
    (e) You are now really, really sorry..
  6. Lastly, and I apologise for sounding like a parent, celebrate your independence and have a week to remember (or remember parts of it, at least) but getting totally and utterly trollied (or whatever the euphemism is these days) can leave you extremely vulnerable. Try and latch on to someone who’ll look after you!

Almost all of you will have a fabulous academic experience in this fine city which extends it’s famous hospitality to you all. It’s very rare, but in case you do end up in the hands of our boys/girls in blue please remember these golden rules:

  1. ALWAYS ask for a solicitor – it’s free and there will be one of us available for you 24/7.
  2. DO NOT think ‘I don’t need one, I haven’t done anything’ …. If I had a penny…
  3. WE WILL be at the police station as soon as you are ready to be interviewed, it will NOT mean you stay in custody longer.
  4. If you do not have a firm in mind, ask for the DUTY SOLICITOR. This is a free and independent service.
  5. Asking for a solicitor does not mean you are guilty or affect the police’s opinion of you.

Beecham Peacock has been assisting the academic community for many years now and has a wealth of knowledge. All our solicitors are highly experienced. We also boast an Education Law department to deal with other aspects of student life.
In cases of arrest and detention, our out of hours emergency contact number is: 0776 837 6039.
We wish all fresher and returning students an enjoyable and successful year.

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