It will not have escaped anyone’s attention that the Government has brought in further changes to the penalty point system today.

From 24th April, those caught significantly over the speed level will see fines rise from 100% of their weekly income to 150%.

For instance, those caught doing 51 mph or above in a 30mph area will face a fine equating to £150% of their weekly income, capped at £1000 plus the court’s discretion to disqualify you from driving for 7 to 56 days or 6 points.

Those caught on a motorway doing 101 mph and above face the same penalty range, however the fine is capped at £2,500.

For those who are only a few miles per hour over the limit, there is still the possibility of the Speed Awareness Course, however those in the categories above are very likely to find themselves before the court who, in line with the approach of the current government, are increasingly intolerant of drivers who exceed the speed limit by a significant amount.

While the court may take into account mortgage/rent payments and utilities when working out your weekly disposable income, they may be unsympathetic to pre existing debt and those items which they regard as non essential. It’s worth remembering that unlike most debt, non payment of a court fine can land you in prison. 

For those who are on the brink of ‘totting up’ to 12 penalty points on their licence and therefore disqualification, it is possible to retain your driving licence using the ‘exceptional hardship’ provisions.

We understand that a current valid driving licence is vitally important to many people – loss if it can affect your job, your home and your family If you believe that your licence is in jeopardy, we can help!

Our professional and experienced team of road traffic lawyers will provide you with swift, clear sensible advice – call us today on 0191 232 3048

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