The first ever National Offer Day for Primary School places is almost upon us.  This coming Wednesday, 16th April 2014, parents across the country will discover at which Primary School their children have been given a place.

In years gone by, there was no co-ordination between the Local Authorities in offering places and this National Offer Day, first published in the revised admission codes back in 2010, mirrors the system for Secondary School places.  Parents who made their application on time will be offered a school place for their child this week.

Every parent with children due to start their Primary School education in September 2014 will no doubt have been considering their options for some time.  Some will have chosen to pay for that education privately, with the rest making their preference known to the Local Authority in the window of opportunity between September 2013 and January 2014.

Places at each school are limited, and this is a time of nervous anticipation.  Everyone wants the best for their children and so after the hours spent agonising, fingers are crossed in the hope that the preference expressed will result in a place.

Here’s hoping that you get the news that you want – but even then don’t forget to accept the offer of a place, because if you do not then it will be withdrawn!

If preference does not equal a place for you, then you can consider the option of an appeal to an independent panel.

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