Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday – Who Gets An Extra Day Off?

26th May, 2022 under Employment Law by Anna Harbinson

The Queen’s platinum jubilee is just around the corner. An additional bank holiday has been added to the calendar this year to mark the occasion, but will everyone be entitled to a day off?

The starting point will be to consider what your contract states about bank holidays. If your holiday entitlement is ‘X’ days plus any/all bank holidays, then you should be entitled to the additional day off. However, where your contract specifies the bank holidays you are entitled to then the position may be less clear. In this case a good starting point may be to consider what has happened in the past, for example for the additional bank holiday for the Royal Wedding in 2011.

It will also be important to consider the position for part time workers. Such workers are likely to have their bank holiday entitlement calculated pro rata. Their entitlement for 2022/23 will need to be recalculated to factor in 9 rather than 8 bank holidays for this year. It should be made clear that this entitlement will revert to the usual position for the following holiday year.

Where holiday entitlement is inclusive of bank holidays then employers will have to consider whether the additional bank holiday will need to be taken as a day’s annual leave in the usual way, or whether it will be given as an additional holiday as a good will gesture. In these instances, it is important that any decision is consistent across the work force to avoid any potential discrimination.

Not all workplaces will be shut on this date. It is important to consider what the usual pay arrangements are for a bank holiday for those who are required to work, and whether your contracts require such arrangements to continue on this additional bank holiday, either expressly or by implication based on past occurrences.

To avoid any uncertainty it is advisable for employers to update employees about the arrangements for the additional bank holiday, and to do so sooner rather than later to ensure that workers can make the necessary arrangements.

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