A former nightclub singer who developed asbestosis as a result of his day job for British Gas has won compensation for his illness.

Kenneth Edgar, who used to perform in pubs and clubs around Newcastle, worked as a gas fitter for the company from the 1960s to the 1980s. During that time, he regularly came into contact with asbestos. Although British Gas eventually introduced safety measures, they came too late for Mr Edgar, who was diagnosed with the condition in January 2014.

Mr Edgar said: “One of the most upsetting things about my illness has been the fact that I have had to give up singing, because it is something that used to give me so much pleasure. I used to enjoy singing live and I also had a recording studio in my flat, but sadly I wouldn’t be able to manage more than one song now.

“I was also pretty active before I got ill – I used to like going for walks and visiting my neighbours and family. Unfortunately I’m not able to get out as much now and I have to rely on people coming to see me.”

Following his diagnosis, Mr Edgar sought help from Beecham Peacock who were able to win compensation for him from his former employer.

Kirsten Scott, senior partner at Beecham Peacock, said: “Mr Edgar was exposed to asbestos by his employer through no fault of his own. Although no amount of money can bring back his health, we were very pleased to be able to help him to get some sort of justice.”

Mr Edgar added: “I was really happy with the service from Beecham Peacock. Everything was dealt with very smoothly and quickly; it could not have gone better.”

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