A short blog and a timely reminder… As we approach the season of the office Christmas party and morning after the night before.

It may seem a little disconcerting to address the probable pain and misery of a thumping post-party head, but there are other, less obvious issues to consider.

What will you be doing the following day? (Apart from wallowing in regret) More importantly, how will you be getting there?

Bear in mind that if you have been partaking of uncommonly large amounts of alcoholic beverages until late night/early morning, you are unlikely to be under the legal drink drive limit the following morning.

Consider this; if you started drinking at 9am (I’m not advising this!) and finished at 3pm, would you go out in your car at 10pm on the same day? (if you answer this ‘yes’, we need to talk…). Similarly, if you stopped drinking at midnight, don’t get up at 7am and think you’ll be under the limit because ‘you feel fine’. You might feel fine; it doesn’t follow that you are under the drink drive limit.

Unsurprisingly, the police are acutely aware of this ‘issue’. During the festive period, (and for that matter, any other period), you may well find yourself the subject of the attention of the boys in blue in the morning. Don’t risk it – plan ahead.

***REMEMBER*** – if you find yourself under arrest you are entitled to our services within the police station FREE OF CHARGE. All you have to do is request Beecham Peacock. The police will contact us for you. We have trained Police Station Representatives and solicitors available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Even Christmas.

If you have a court date, come and see us. We can apply for Legal Aid to represent you at court, and if you don’t qualify for public funding, we can discuss a fixed fee.

Lisa Callum
Beecham Peacock LLP

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