In the recent divorce case of American Hedge fund tycoon Christopher Hohn and his wife Jamie Cooper-Hohnwhich, the largest divorce case to be decided in the English courts a High Court Judge has decided against a reporting restriction which means everything in the case is to be made available to the public.

The couple have four children together including triplets. The case highlights the merits in considering alternatives to court litigation and the benefits of alternative dispute resolution including mediation and Collaborative law.  Mediation is confidential and the parties are free to discuss their positions openly.  These discussions will not be reported to the court if the mediation discussions subsequently break down.  Mediation works best for those parties wanting to minimise conflict and for those who have a strong wish to deal with their dispute as constructively as possible. Similarly if agreeing to participate in the collaborative process, there are no adversarial court proceedings and the collaborative process is a general holistic approach.  Cases suitable for Collaborative law often talk about wanting to stay in touch and have a good relationship with their ex-partner which is particularly important when there are children from the breakdown of the marriage.  It is acknowledged alternative dispute resolution is not right for all types of case but we have the expertise to consider all of the options available for resolving your case and the process which works best for you.

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Charlotte Talbot

Partner, Family Department

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