A recent survey suggests that 3 in 5 people in Britain believe that Civil Partnerships should be open to all couples.

At the moment same sex couples can get married or into Civil Partnerships but mixed sex couples can only get married.  There was a case at the Court of Appeal that rules that the current situation could not continue because it meant couples were being treated differently.  The Government will have to decide now on the future for Civil Partnerships.  Some people believe the Government should make Civil Partnerships to all, but others think they should be abolished completely so that marriage is the only option.

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill which would extend the availability of Civil Partnerships to opposite sex couples was due to have its second reading on 12th May 2017.  However this is likely to fall by the wayside given that Parliament is due to be dissolved on 3rd May 2017 and there is no suggestion of when it will be revived.

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