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Posted 10th October, 2017 by

Family courts are frequently presented with care proceedings where a child is deemed to be at risk because their parent has learning difficulties. It is considered that if a parent struggles to care for themselves, they struggle to care for a child. However, most of these cases are brought before the Court because of an… Read more »

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Its that time of year again … when Newcastle welcomes a new batch of students from across the globe. For some of you, this is the first chance to spread your wings and taste independence; at time for finding new friends and having huge amounts of fun and frivolity. This historic city welcomes you all…. Read more »

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Why is asbestos still being found in the work place in the UK? We have made improvements since asbestos was heavily used in the building industry and shipyards. Thanks to research regulations are now in place to prevent workers from exposure to this deadly substance. Unfortunately Mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by asbestos exposure, is… Read more »

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As the glorious summer weather continues, interspersed with the odd thunder storm, the urge to go outside and soak up the sun becomes increasingly hard to avoid…. What could be more civilised than a cool beer in a sunny beer garden? Well, nothing.. as long as you’re not driving home.. Despite numerous campaigns, drink drive… Read more »

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A recent survey suggests that 3 in 5 people in Britain believe that Civil Partnerships should be open to all couples. At the moment same sex couples can get married or into Civil Partnerships but mixed sex couples can only get married.  There was a case at the Court of Appeal that rules that the… Read more »

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At the moment the only ground for a divorce is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.  The Court then has to be satisfied that the person applying for the divorce can prove one of five facts.  These are adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, 2 years apart and both parties agreeing or 5 years apart and… Read more »

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It will not have escaped anyone’s attention that the Government has brought in further changes to the penalty point system today. From 24th April, those caught significantly over the speed level will see fines rise from 100% of their weekly income to 150%. For instance, those caught doing 51 mph or above in a 30mph… Read more »

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Everyone has the right to go to work and to feel safe in their working environment. If the way you are being treated at work means that you do not feel safe, you should make your employer aware of this. This will give it the opportunity to deal with any issues and hopefully tackle any… Read more »

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The practice of asking potential suspects to attend a police station ‘voluntarily’ is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to arrest. Instead of arresting a potential suspect that they wish to interview, police are contacting them and requesting that they attend the police station at a time and date to be agreed. Going to a police… Read more »

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No one can have escaped the press coverage of high profile cases of historical sexual abuse such as Savile  and Rolf Harris. One of the effects of these cases has been an increase in victims coming forward to report similar offence, some of which occurred decades ago. While it is likely that most are justified… Read more »

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Most motorists are aware that using your mobile phone while driving is an offence, in fact it’s been an offence since December 1st 2003. Despite this, there are still common misconceptions that motorists regularly fall foul of. Initially, the definition of what constitutes an offence seems simple; you are on the phone and you are… Read more »

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Christmas may be over, but judging by the UK weather forecast, which predicts bouts of ‘thundersnow’ and an arctic spell of colder weather; it’s quite clear that winter isn’t ready to leave us just yet. Whilst local roads and railways lines will be hard hit by the potential bitter conditions, it is important to remember… Read more »